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AO Sunglasses are Made by American Optical These are standard for Military Sunglasses!

AO Sunglasses

AO sunglasses for men and women are a division of AO (American Optical) Eyewear. AO eyewear are manufactured in Southbridge,Mass., and have been for over 130 years. AO sunglasses are one of the top eyewear suppliers to the U.S. military and are well known for their amazing quality.

AO sunglasses makes sunglasses for law enforcement, military and government agencies and made a mark in 1958 when the company developed Flight Goggle 58, also known as The Original Pilot. These were developed to provide military pilots with maximum comfort, performance and protection. The Original Pilot glasses have saved thousands of pilots from the harm and discomfort of glare ever since, and they were also worn by the Eagle flight crew on the first moon landing!

There are several lines to the AO line of men's and women's sunglasses that we will take a look at:

AO Eyewear Original Pilot Sunglasses – The price for this line starts at around $50 and can work their way up to $100 or so by making a few option selections. Available options and choices include 3 different lens sizes 52mm, 55mm and 57 mm, 2 different temple choices – Bayonet or Comfort Cable, and come in for possible colors – gold, black, silver and matte chrome. They are rugged and sturdy and engineered to strict military regulations.

AO Eyewear General Sunglasses – These glasses are in the popular aviator style and are a favourite both in and out of the U.S. military. The prices begin around $60 with extra’s bringing these glasses up just over the $100 mark. Color options are gold, black or silver, and temple choices are Wire Spatula or Comfort Cable. Several different lens choices are also available.

AO Eyewear 8-Base – These sunglasses are also in the classic aviator style but the difference is the added eight base curve. The price for these glasses is around $70.

Choose from several lens styles such as: color correct standard polycarbonate, flash mirrored polycarbonate, polarized flash mirror polycarbonate, anti reflective, hydropellant and scratch resistant.

AO Eyewear Women’s Sunglasses – AO women’s sunglasses come in two styles, women’s general and women’s pilot. They offer pink multi-shining polycarbonate lenses and are manufactured to the same high military standard as the men’s line. Wire spatula temples, 52 mm lenses, a choice of gold or silver, and polycarbonate lenses in a choice of grey, brown or green round out this line, which starts at around $80.

AO Eyewear Alpha Omega Beta Sunglasses – These are the sunglasses for the active, sporty wearer. They are wrap style sunglasses with eight base curving. They are constructed with non slip silicone nose pads, anti slip rubber temple tips, and a lightweight metal alloy for ease of performance. The color choices are carbon and platinum.

AO Eyewear Alpha Omega Delta Sunglasses – These are similar to the Omega Beta in styling but frames are available in gold, black, silver and matte chrome.

AO sunglasses are designed to last and the quality is exceptional. Glasses are customizable in most cases, with a choice of frames and lens color, and prices are affordable.

We have their best and most recent models right here and at great prices. Take a good look around and enjoy!

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