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Christian Dior is a fashion house that is ready to envelope and rapidly take over the fashion industry especially in the their line of sunglasses. With their wide array of ready-to-wear clothing, haute couture, and of course their famed accessories, Dior is a fashion house that is a force to be reckoned with. Christian Dior Sunglasses for Mens and Women are eye catching and astounding and are sought after by discerning consumers with a mature taste in fashion. Not to mention that they are also designed with exquisite taste and add appeal to even every day outfits.

Christian Dior was a French fashion designer who created the renknowned French fashion house, Christian Dior. Hew came from a fairly wealthy family but he always wanted to make his own way in life. He had originally set out to be a diplomat in order to fit the wishes of his family but he knew that his passion was fashion. Dior would sell his fashion sketches for a minimal profit in order to satisfy his dreams of becoming a fashion designer. When he was finished with school, his father leased an art gallery for Dior where he was known to showcase art from such figures as Pablo Picasso. Due to an financial misfortune, Christian Dior’s father lost the family business and so his art gallery had to be closed down as well. Dior joined the army and after a few years he returned home and started his fashion house in1946.

At first, Dior concentrated mostly on women’s fashion and women’s accessories but modern society began to require an increased demand for men’s fashion accessories. Christian Dior recognized that there was a lucrative market in sunglasses. The most popular suglasses at the time were aviators and the company entered the market. They took a simple approach to the generic metal rims and large lenses of the avaitor model and transformed it into a completely new look. He designed aviator sunglasses with white frames and purple lenses and even red frames and black lenses. These were radical designs that quickly caught on and captured the sunglasses market.

The sunglasses that are crafted by The House of Christian Dior are most definitely some of the highest quality sunglasses on the market today and you will be have a pair of sunglasses that will last you for years and remain in style the whole time.

Christian Dior men's and women's Sunglasses are a fantastic way to change your entire look  just by placing a a pair on your face. Although sunglasses themselves are simple accessory, Dior revolutionized the entire fashion world around  by simply adding a unusual colors to the generic aviator model of sunglasses. Since than his radical designs have become a must have fashio accessory. Chistian Dior Sunglasses provides a luxury fashion accessory which is a must have for those who understand style. Christian Dior is one of the most famed fashion houses and they most definitely set a high standard with all their products.