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Costa Del Mar Sunglasses

Costa del Mar sunglasses


Finding a pair of sunglasses is relatively easy for anyone who knows how to get to a mall or a sunglasses kiosk. But finding a pair of sunglasses from a company with a diverse philanthropic approach to the world is a completely different story. Costa del Mar sunglasses is a company that sells a large amount of sunglasses and gives a portion of its profits to support our environment.

Very rarely do you ever come across a company that offers 4 different specific types of lenses (without including the color selection process). Costa del Mar Sunglasses offer a great variety of lenses!

Glass lenses have two general options when you are looking to purchase glass lens sunglasses and they are the 580G and 400G. This may sound confusing for first time buyers but this factor determines how clear your visual acuity will be and the amount of UV rays the lenses will block out. The 580G sunglasses block yellow light and they are extremely clear whereas the 400G sunglasses are really top of the line. They are made out of LightWAVE glass, a proprietary Costa del Mar technology, they are durable and have great clarity, and they are also 20% thinner and 22% lighter than your average sunglasses.

Their plastic Lenses also come in 2 options if you prefer the plastic lenses, the 580P and 400P. The 580P sunglasses are the best plastic lenses on the market, they repel water and oil, and they block yellow light. The 400P lenses are scratch resistant and they include all of the same technology as the 400G sunglasses.

Every pair of Costa del Mar sunglasses are unique and beautiful but you may be wondering, how versatile are they and how do they fit? They have superb frames! The hinges, temples, and nose pads on these sunglasses have been said to be the best and the most comfortable in the world. Some frames are made out of stainless steel while others may be made out of plastic, it all depends on what your personal preference is and what you think would be the most comfortable for you.

Costa del Mar has embarked on a journey to preserve life all over the globe by engaging in a very crucial task, to save the purity of our water supplies. They have a mission statement which states:

“Water runs downhill and it connects us all. And we want to do whatever we can to help protect the waters of the world. Healthy, vibrant waters are good for everyone involved and because we’re all connected by water, everyone can help in some way. We’re partnering with organizations that are focused on maintaining a wildlife balance that’s good for fish, fishermen and future generations of both. And we hope you’ll join us.”

Pretty impressive, selling a product to fisherman and contributing to save the sport!

You can purchase sunglasses from any store or boutique of your choice but are you really going to be obtaining quality products? When searching for the best pair of sunglasses for you or your family members, take your leisure life into account. If you are more of an athlete, look for a pair or Costa del Mar athletic sunglasses or if you are more of a fashionista, there are hundreds of pairs available for you as well. With their dedication to philanthropy and their hand crafted sunglasses, you can be assured that you will be buying the best of the best from the best of the best.