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Jim Jannard, like many people, began with a creative mind and an interest in building a business. After dropping out of the University of Southern California in 1970, Jannard decided to take some time to explore his passion for motorcycles and the open road. Eventually, he returned to Los Angeles and sold his motorcycle for the money to start his own small business selling motorcycle parts out of a suitcase. While the beginning years of entrepreneurship motivated Jannard to continue as a small-time supplier, his exposure to the motocross world and his original thinking led him to pursue his shot at building his own line of sunglasses. In 1975, the 26 year old Jannard invested his last $300 into a design he had developed for a uniquely styled hand grip for off-road motorcyclists. The idea was put forth under the name Oakley, which was inspired by his dog Oakley Anne.

The new grip did well and earned Jannard a reputation that he soon built on by forging ahead with his newly patented "Unobtanium" material. This textile was a kind of responsive rubber alloy that helped to sustain a rider's grip despite sweat. Jannard's grips earned him enough revenue to support another new endeavor of creativity.

Next, Jannard set his sights on developing a new and unique goggle for motocross. Through the 70s, motocross cyclists still wore heavy glass goggles for protection. Jannard's idea was to make a lighter weight goggle with a plastic lens that curved across the face like the surface of a cylinder. Today, goggles all follow this type of design model, but it was Jannard's small motorcycle parts brand that first produced and distributed them to motocross riders in 1980.

The new O-Frame Oakley goggles became an instant hit with cyclists, and soon other athletes were looking to take advantage of Jannard's design. Not only were the lenses lighter because they were plastic, but the curvature design increased peripheral vision by pushing the sides further back toward the temples. In 1983, Oakley expanded its goggle market to include skiers. Rapidly, Oakley's signature "O" emblem was being seen throughout the motorcycling and winter sports worlds. The success of the O-frame inspired Jannard to start developing a pair of sunglasses based on the shape of his successful goggles. Soon, the newly introduced form-fitting sunglasses caught the attention of Greg Le Mond, the three-time Tour de France cycling champion. Again, another market opened to Oakley as Le Mond's victories and endorsements drew international attention to Oakley sunglasses.

Athletes from a wide variety of sports were adopting the aerodynamic, and ultra-lightweight, Oakley products. After receiving a free pair at a golf tournament in the early 90s, Michael Jordon soon became a fan of Oakleys and inspired millions of people to don the sunglasses with the "O". Since then, Oakleys have become synonymous with athletic and military eyewear. In 2007, Oakley was merged with the Luxottica group for $2.1 billion. In 30 years, Jannard turned $300 and Unobtanium in to an industry legend.

Out of all of the available fashion accessories available,we are most likely to get into sunglasses. Sunglasses not only provide protection for our eyes but they also provide a chic appeal to an every day outfit. With sunglasses designers like Oakley, you can expect to receive quality sunglasses that will last you years and a wide array to choose from.

Half X Sunglasses

The Half X sunglasses are just one of the many brands of Oakley sunglasses, but they are the most popular. They are made out of a lightweight all-metal frame with increased grip capabilities due to extrinsic factors such as sweat. The sunglasses also have customized hinges that were engineered to produce even more comfort. The metal used to construct the frames is called X-Metal and it is the only hypoallergenic all-metal frame in the world. Some other interesting factors include:

Optical precision and performance

Three-Point fit that holds the lens in place

UV protection that filers out 100% of UV rays with the help of Pultonite

Reduced glare functions and Iridium lens coating available

Other Oakley Sunglasses Models

Considering that Oakley has a diverse product line and includes sunglasses for both men and women, and they offer a wide variety of sunglasses, it is not a surprise that you may be interested their offerings. Sport sunglasses, active sunglasses, lifestyle sunglasses, HD polarized, Photochromic, and Custom sunglasses are all available for purchase. Each and every model of Oakley sunglasses has their own specific benefits, for example, the Photochromic lenses help your eyes adapt to light conditions and they filter out 100% of the harmful UV rays. The HD Polarized lenses feature top of the line glare-reduction and amazing HD clarity. There’s a style of sunglasses that fits everyone's unique requirements.

Sports sunglasses can differ depending on the designer that you decide to go with. The designers at Oakley have come up with brilliant designs that not only offer a fashion forward approach to your traditional sunglasses but also supports the utmost amount of comfort and they are extremely durable as well. Considering that the cost of these sunglasses is higher than a generic pair of sunglasses, you can be assured that you will be paying for high definition vision, complete protection from UV rays, and a significant reduction of the damaging blue light, all of which cause a significant amount of harm to our eyes. Oakley has successfully combined fashion and safety with versatility and that stylistic touch which is what makes them the front runner in the sunglasses industry. If you enjoy outdoor activities and need a pair of sunglasses that won’t slip off of your face during strenuous activity, are durable, look great and really protects your eyes, then Oakley in the brand for you!