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Ray Ban Sunglasses

Ray Ban Sunglasses


Ray Ban Sunglasses have a long and interesting history and have been leading innovators in optical eyewear and fashion sunglasses. Ray-Bans were born from necessity and have grown into an iconic cultural symbol. Ray Ban Sunglasses for men and their glasses have always been the leading edge of fashion,sports and outdoor protective eye wear. The Ray-Ban signature original wayfarer and large and small aviator sunglasses models have lasted for decades in the fashion marketplace. RayBan glasses are tops in lens and black frame technology.

On May 7, 1937, Bausch & Lomb officially registered their first patent on the Ray Ban Aviators that have now become synonymous with fame, fortune, good taste and leading edge technology. However, this company's rise in prestige and reputation all began with a simple need for eyewear which would provide eye protection from the brightness of the sun for military pilots as their early cockpits provided little optical protection from the bright light hazards which are magnified at high altitudes. This required the development of special frame and lens technology and was historically, way before the gradient and polarized lens and lightweight composite frame materials which are standard in modern sunglasses.These requirements led to the creation of the Ray Ban Sunglasses Brand and Trademark.

In the late 1930s, the United States Army Air Corp had put out a request to eyeglass manufacturers to design sunglasses for men that could protect pilots' vision against damage due to extended exposure to ultraviolet and glare from sunny skies while still offering a design that was compatible with the military's uniform regulations and apparel. After a bidding competition , Bausch & Lomb was awarded the contract and launched production of the Ray Ban Aviator small model. Though many have mistakenly assumed Ray Ban was the company's name, it is in fact a brand name that was produced by Bausch & Lomb from 1937 to 1999 until it was sold to the Luxottica Group for $640 million.

Ray Ban Aviators were the thinnest and lightest metal framed glasses of their time. The gold plating added the look that the Army sought, while the green glass lenses offered the first major step in ultra-violet eye protection. To this day, Aviators are synonymous with the Ray Ban brand but they have also come to represent an entire type of sunglasses. The Aviator Model is now produced by many different manufacturers but Ray Ban Sunglasses is still the premier supplier. Ray Ban provides designer eyewear to the armed forces!

Ray Bans Sunglasses were truly unique and were worn by members of the armed forces during the 1930s and through the dark early days of World War II. The famed rare print photograph of General Douglas MacArthur's victorious arrival in the Far East while wearing a pair of classic aviator sunglasses, instantly established Ray Bans as a symbol of victory to the war weary, general public.

The early success and widespread adoption of the green lens gold frame Aviator sunglasses lead to the advancement and expansion of the Ray-Ban brand and in 1952 led to the introduction of the original Wayfarer design to the commercial market. These wide plastic black framed sunglasses were originally designed for men, but the immediate adoption of them by Hollywood film actors and actresses created a real fashion trend which were adopted by women of that era. Both the socially elite and the social rebels of the time embraced the style set forth by the black-framed green glassed iconic plastic sunglasses that have since been associated with high fashion.At the same time, silver, green and blue lens aviator sunglasses were continuing to improve the success of the Aviator, Ray Ban Sunglasses model.

Since the 1950s, the continued success of Ray Ban sunglasses has been attributed to their popularity with stars and trendsetters like John Belushi, James Dean, Roy Orbison and Bob Dylan. Mavens like Debbie Harry, the Ramones and Morrissey did continue to fuel an underground demand for these sunglasses through the 70s and 80s. Michael Jackson, Madonna and others have steadily inspired the pop-music world's love for Wayfarer Ray Bans, but in the 1990s Ray Ban sales dropped as the popularity of wrap-around styled sports sunglasses increased. Ray Ban successfully stopped it's decline by creating by creating deals with the large movie industry production companies which featured Ray Ban Wayfarer and Aviator glasses in popular movies, the sunglasses being worn by many top Hollywood stars.

Today, the Ray Ban brand is stronger than ever, bouncing back into vogue in the 2000s to prove that the demand for the Aviator Large, Aviator Small, New Wayfarer and Original Wayfarer designs and newer models continue to increase and provide their customer with superior lens and frame technology.

Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses

Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses


Sunglasses were originally made of smoked glass and were used in the 14th century by Chinese judges while trying cases. The purpose wasn't to protect the eyes, but rather to hide facial expressions so that the judges could mask their feelings. Well Ray Ban Aviators Sunglasses haven't been around that long, well in the sense of the age of the earth, but they definitely have earned a place in 20th century history. Don't forget that we are now in the 21st century.

Talk Ray Ban Sunglasses and you are probably talking Aviators. These have been favored by warriors of all branches of the armed forces and many movie stars since their introduction just prior to the beginning of World War II. The Ray Ban Aviator has very light frames and lenses that that are designed to totally protect the eyes from harsh sunlight. They have been setting style trends for more then 80 years. Put on a pair and you feel like you should be riding a fast motorcycle or surf fishing in the Atlantic.

Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses are available with both polarized or non-polarized lenses and in many colors. The lenses also come in a variety of sizes. The frames also come in different styles. Even with all these different options, each model still is definitely identifiable as a Ray Ban Aviator! These are one of the most widely copied model but Ray Ban aviator sunglasses for men still surpasses its imitators in both technical excellence and elegance!

Douglas MacArthur, Tom Cruise, Val Kilmer, Marylyn Monroe, Arthur Miller, the list of celebrities who have owned them goes on and on. So if you decide to spend some money on a great pair of shades, be sure to check these out. You will definitely be in good company!

Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses

Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses


Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses scream success. They have a very unique style that reminds me of super cool spy, James Bond at some casino in Europe glaring at the bad guy while every beautiful woman near him hopes that he takes her to his room for the evening. Be patient girls, he has to destroy the villain first, but James will get to you all eventually!

Since the 1950?s, these sunglasses have enjoyed popularity with each generation. They have been cited as being the best-selling design of sunglasses, but Aviator Sunglasses also have been credited with the same achievement, and since both models are Ray Ban made, we won’t debate the point. Pick one and go with it.

Ray Ban Original Wayfarer Sunglasses transitioned sunglasses from thin metal frames to heavier plastics. The Wayfarer model almost died in the 1980?s, even with the help of the movie “The Blues Brothers”, in which film icon star John Belushi wore black frame Wayfarers. The Ray Ban company did some smart marketing and made a studio deal to have them featured in television and films. This caused a resurgence and they kept getting more and more popular. Ray-Ban New Wayfarer Sunglasses were especially popular with musicians, notably Billy Joel and Madonna, among many others.

Ray Ban Wayfarer classic Eyewear were losing popularity to wrap-around models in the 1990?s so the model was changed using lighter plastics with a slightly more angular look. Once again they came back strong. Now, they are very popular and vintage original wayfarers have shot up in price as a collector item. The new Wafarer line, provided by the Luxottica Group is always evolving. New Waferer Sunglasses collection are now available in many different colors, lenses and features, such as polarized and gradient sunglasses. The variations of size available fit men, women and children and are the perfect fashion accessory for all types of great clothing styles.

So Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses definitely have nine lives and a fascinating history. And they come back stronger with each stumble. If that isn’t success, I don’t know what is!