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Spy Optic Sunglasses


Spy Optic Sunglasses are the worlds leading innovator when it comes to anything eyewear related. With the many different and new technologies that they implement into their eyewear, they are most definitely at the top of the sunglasses pyramid. Unlike most sunglasses manufacturers, Spy Optic also makes prescription glasses, snow goggles, and superior performance goggles. If you are an athlete or looking to have the style of a hip trendsetter then Spy Optics have the right sunglasses for you.

Considering that there are literally dozens of different types of technology implemented into Spy Optic’s sunglasses, here are a few of the most popular:

Spy Optic's scoop venting system eliminates fog and moisture that can accumulate behind lenses. The way that it accomplishes this feat is by allowing an increased amount of air flow behind the lenses so that you don’t have to constantly take your glasses off and wipe them down.

ARC is another state of the art lens from Spy Optics, ARC stands for Accurate Radius Curvature. These particular lenses are used to bring forth clear and optically corrected visuals. This technology is also used by astronauts and fight pilots for their helmet shields. They compliment the natural curve of the human eye and the lenses become thinner as they disperse from the optical center of the lens.

CR-39 lenses are very popular, these lenses are the ones that you will most likely see in the fashion frames that you can wear for everyday use. They are coated with hard materials to resist any scratching. The best thing about CR-39 lenses is that you can get more distinct fades and colors than those available with your average Polycarbonate lenses.

Everybody does Mirror Coatings, Spy just does them better! These lenses are applied via a vacuum and they are used to manipulate the light spectrum for your eyes. By manipulating the light spectrum, you will be obtaining the most clear visual experience possible. The mirrored coatings are specifically applied to filter light waves that bring forth eye discomfort or fatigue. You can determine what amount of light you want reflected and which wavelengths you want to eliminate from your every day vision.

High quality sunglasses aren’t as easy to come across as cheap drug store ones. Spy Optic has created a brand new technological revolution in the sunglasses industry and they have proven that they are here to stay. Various celebrities and athletes have endorsed this brand and taken them under their wing by wearing their amazing products for years. With their amazing warranties and new technologies, Spy Optic is constantly changing the face of the sunglasses industry forever. If you are an athlete or just someone who enjoys having stylish frames on their face that can protect their eyes then this may actually be the perfect fit for you. Whether you prefer metal or plastic frames or if you’re looking for snow goggles or prescription sunglasses, there is something for everyone when you shop with Spy Optic. They have retailers branching out across North America and so their sunglasses aren’t hard to come by.