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Arnette Mens and Womens Sunglasses

Sunglasses  have proven to be an extremely crucial part of our lives considering that they protect our eyes from damaging rays and they are also add appeal to any outfit. Arnette Sunglasses for men and women are uniquely distinct, with the broad array of designs and colors to choose from, there are models for everyone, no matter what their taste in fashion. Arnette Sunglasses have been around for a couple of decades and they were first brought to the market by Tommy Arnette who was initially a top designer for Oakley. Fortunately, Tommy Arnette decided that he wanted to make his own mark on this industry and so he left Oakley and created this brand of very practical and unique sunglasses for men and women.

Although Arnette Sunglasses were initially created for that sports appeal, they were able to venture into other very chic areas because of their unique relationship with Luxottica. Luxottica, the parent organization of Arnette, originated in 1961 in Milan, Croatia and they’re the parent company of some of the most vaunted sunglasses designers on the planet. From this relationship, consumers are supplied with a metdoric charm that anyone that appreciates the mysteriousness provided by this cool fashion accessory recognizes and treasures.

Arnette is world famous for their polarized and non-polarized lenses that sit in high tech plastic frames and  that is their trademark feature. Skateboarders, surfers, BMX riders and snowboarders all trust their eyes to the Arnette brand thanks to their great protection from the sun they offer, whatever the activity.

Arnette is also world famous for are their extensive collection of snowboarding goggles. Efficiency is combined in these goggles with style with a smooth changeover in their models which range from the conservative to the really extreme. They have a great selection of men's and women's sunglasses models to select from, so there’s something for everybody. These  Arnette sunglasses make you feel like a totally different person, and really that is what sunglasses all about.

Many actors have worn these sunglasses in many films and movies, a few include Tom Cruise in “Jerry Maguire”, and Tom Delonge from “Blink 182?.

As opposed to only being a business or a corporation dedicated entirely to profit making, Arnette sunglasses are really a family enterprise. Since the day that the business was started, they have treated their employees as family and this attitude is passed to their customers through the quality of their products. One of the significant advantages to buying these Arnette sunglasses is that while you are safeguarding your vision you will be wearing a pair of the most radical sunglasses that are currently available. Arnette sunglasses never fail to be modern and a trendy and they really help anyone trying to add to their sense of style.