Men and Womens Sungasses

Caring for Your Sunglasses

Caring for Your Sunglasses


Sunglasses available in today’s market offer highly specialized and technologically advanced forms of eye protection. With the increase in the quality of sunglasses has come an increase in their price. Some consumers choose to purchase cheaper sunglasses that offer inferior eye protection, are less comfortable and are of inferior quality to save money but these brands do not provide the protection of the more costly pairs. Purchasing sunglasses of higher quality requires care to protect one’s investment, but the increase in longevity is definitely worth the added effort. Here are a few tips on how to care for sunglasses in order to increase their life and maintain their beneficial features.

The most common damage to sunglasses occurs when they are not being worn. Scratches to lenses and coatings can deteriorate their clarity and render a pair of sunglasses less effective. To avoid scratches, it is important that sunglasses be stored in some type of case when they are not on one’s face. A hard case will provide excellent protection from both scratches and general abuse when not being worn. A soft case is an alternative package that will not provide protection from real abuse, but it is a convenient way to keep sunglasses for men from damage resulting from contact with keys, coins or countless abrasive objects.

Cleaning sunglasses can also damage them if an inappropriate cloth is used. Cleaning cloth advancement has put forward the microfiber cloth as a great tool for cleaning the delicate surfaces of coated glass. Microfiber cloth is great for removing dirt from sunglasses because the individual fibers are designed to lift dust and debris rather than simply pushing the particles against the glass or plastic lenses as the ordinary natural fibers of cotton do. However, a microfiber cloth will eventually saturate with dirt and dust and can be less effective so be sure to purchase a new cloth periodically.

Polarized lenses are used in a wide variety of sunglasses because of their great glare-reducing features. Many people do not realize that the effect of a polarized lens is achieved by sandwiching two lenses together. This is important to know because contact with water can actually damage polarized lenses by seeping between the two parts of the lens. Since most every day wear polarized sunglasses can be permanently damaged, be sure to avoid water if one’s sunglasses are not specifically designed for harsh environments.

Most sunglasses have an assortment of small screws and hinges. When cleaning sunglasses, it is always a good idea to check the tightness of the small hardware used to hold everything in place. Don't do this until the screws have loosened from normal wear because once moved, the screws tend to loosen more often. Screws that have loosened should be tightened because it can be hard to find a lost part since sunglasses do not follow a standardized construction. For most sunglasses it may also be necessary to replace nose pieces and ear traction pads periodically. Most retail optical stores can provide suitable replacement parts.