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Cartier Sunglasses

Cartier Sunglasses are expensive, even so, their popularity keeps increasing. Cartier was started in 1847 by Louis-François Cartier and was expanded into a world wide enterprise by his three sons. Although the Cartier company has its roots in France, the it's real growth came from supplying unique and expensive jewelry to royalty in Russia, India, England and America.

Today, the wearing expensive sunglasses is the norm rather than the exception. Even so, having on a pair of Cartier sunglasses will really make an impression. Cartier sunglasses are so far ahead of their competition that it might be said that Cartier is the premier supplier of designer sunglasses and it doesn't matter who is second.  

Each pair of Cartier Sunglasses has a unique serial number which is engraved on the frame. They feature metals such as gold and platinum and the more expensive ones have a gold C on the temple piece. Their styling is amazing and the craftsmanship has no peer.

I love the Cartier Rimless sunglasses. They feature a very unique style that has lenses joined by fine metal, and beautifully styled arms. The design is total simplicity yet they are among the most pricy of all the Cartier sunglasses offerings. One pair, the Unisex, Genuine Horn C Decor, Gold Rimless retails in excess of $2000.

Cartier Aviator sunglasses are also a favorite. They are not flimsy like most aviator sunglasses but convey a feeling of ruggedness that is sadly lacking in other brands.

Celibrities spotted in a pair of Cartier sunglasses include Jennifer Garner, Kayne West, and even Elton John. Movie stars, sports figures and muscians set the fashion trends in our society, but even among all these superstars, those who wear Cartier sunglasses stand out. So if you are ready to make the leap to the top, take a close look at the Cartier sunglasses we feature. They will put you way above the rest!

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