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A Husband and Wife Venture that Began in a Small Shop and Took Over the World. Their Sunglasses and Fashon Accesories are World Famous!

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Fendi Sunglasses for Men and Women

One of the most sought out fashion brands is Fendi. Fendi was originally founded by Edoardo and Adele Fendi, a newlywed couple who lived in del Plebiscitom, Italy. Together the newly married couple decided that they would open a small shop that would sell leather goods and then grew to be world renowned for their immense line of high quality products. They acquired a unique set of skills that would allow them to create all kinds of fashion items with conveyed an inborn sense of professionalism and expertise. As more and more people began to shop their products, their name reached throughout the world and they became a top fashion producer, especially in mens and womens sunglasses.

Due to the success of their first store, Edoardo and Adele had decided to expand their brand and to grow their company in order to accommodate more fashion lines and so they opened a larger shop in the city of Veneto. As Fendi became larger and larger, their high quality products became more popular and people would come to the shop from places as far as Sweden to purchase their quality hand bags and other fashion accessories. Fendi created their own style that was absolutely unique and exciting, and many women wanted to get their hands on the exquisite style of fashion accessories that they designed.

1966 was an extremely significant year for the Fendi brand because that is when they expanded their line to include mens and womens sunglasses. Their first couture line was designed by the world renowned Karl Lagerfeld who is now the creative director for Chanel. With the release of the couture line, it brought raised Fendi’s status to a top fashion house and it helped to expose it to fashion enthusiasts throughout the world. Fendi was discovered by the  Hollywood set and they supplied an immense amount of fashion accessories and sunglasses to Hollywood starlets who found that Fendi fashion accessories really enhanced their appeal.

With the release of their sunglasses, the Fendi brand was seen as even more of a fashionable and stylish brand. Fendi offered an extensive collection that covered every aspect of women’s fashion accessories, their sunglasses continued this tradition and even enhanced it. From aviators to the classic oversized lenses, Fendi makes the type of sunglasses that have a truly far reaching appeal. You can expect to be swept away with their colorful designs featuring bright greens, reds, or even those earthy neutral shades. Their sunglasses make it easy for you to develop and express your own, highly unique fashion style.

Fendi is the prime example of how a fashion house can start off as a hobby for a husband and wife and then grow to be an internationally acclaimed brand that is loved by people all over the world. They provide fantastic sunglasses, and Fendi has never disappointed their customers.