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Ferragamo Sunglasses

ferragamo sunglasses

Salvatore Ferragamo began his career as an Italian shoe designer. He worked alongside the stars of Hollywood in the 1920’s, prior to starting up the company that is so famous today.

Salvatore Ferragamo had a love for shoes and it showed in his creative approach to design. His designs included the wedge heel and the cage heel, still popular even today. Ferragamo died in 1960, and since his death his company has enjoyed far reaching success, and his international company now also includes hand bags, Ferragamo sunglasses, silk accessories, watches, perfume and a ready to wear clothing line. A look through history at Salvatore Ferragamo shows us why his fashion offerings became so successful!

1923 – Salvatore opens his Hollywood Boot Shop.

1927 – The first Salvatore Ferragamo company starts up in Florence, Italy.

1938 – Salvatore opens his first Florence store, and stores also open in London and Rome.

1948 – We see the first New York Ferragamo store on Park Avenue.

1949 – Salvatore creates his first bag, his tool bag.

1955 – The making of one of the first Ferragamo silk scarves.

1965 – Production begins on Ferragamo bags.

1970 – The company begins producing mens clothing and shoes.

1975 – The opening of the Ferragamo store on Fifth Avenue in New York.

1989 – The opening of the first store in Hong Kong, signaling the beginning of the overseas marketplace.

1994 – First store opens in Shanghai, China, the beginning of the market in China.

1998 – Ferragamo signs its eyewear license with Luxottica and Salvatore Ferragamo sunglasses are born.

2001 – Ferragamo perfumes is established.

2003 – Ferragamo expands to a Fifth Avenue location, and this is now it's largest store.

Although Salvatore Ferragamo sunglasses were not in the line up until the late ‘90’s they have became popular in a very short time. Ferragamo glasses are known world wide for the forward thinking in their fashion designs, their accessories are sophisticated, elegant and beautiful. Celebrity sightings wearing these fabulous glasses have included Jessica Alba, Mariah Carey, Elizabeth Hurley, Eva Mendes, Angelina Jolie, Parish Hilton, and Kate Beckinsdale.

Salvatore Ferragamo sunglasses are available with many styles, frames and lenses.  There is the wraparound style for both men and women, with some interesting detailing on the arms made from beautiful materials, featuring classic colors and sparkling inlays. Ferragamo manages to make the timeless aviators sunglasses model completely fresh and different with his unique shaping and style. There are square frames, rounded, and cat eyes as well. They offer sunglasses for every face shape and individual taste. Ferragamo sunglasses are a high end product, and the price tag is reflective of the quality that they provide.

The Ferragamo company continues to evolve and expand, with stores everywhere. It is known as a big name in fashion and to wear Ferragamo is to love it. From the humble beginnings of Salvatore Ferragamo, to where his company is today, is his dream fulfilled. One thing is for certain though, Salvatore Ferragamo sunglasses keep up with the current trends, as well as set them, but they are always able to retain the original sense of style that was set by Salvatore Ferragamo, a true fashion legend!