Men and Womens Sungasses

How to Buy Sunglasses

how to buy sunglasses


Its summertime and time to get yourself ready for the beach….time to go shopping for a new bathing suit and plenty of sunscreen. And that baseball cap! Way to go….protect yourself from the sun and also make that fashion statement! So you go to the mall and find the perfect swimsuit…….you stop at the drugstore and get the sunblock… couldnt believe how many to choose from! And now theres just one more thing you’ll be needing….a great pair of sunglasses.So you make that last stop before going home and check out the different styles…and there are plenty of them too. Time to decide on which kind to buy.

The first and most important thing you need to look for when buying your sunglasses is to makes sure that they protect you from 100% of both UVA and UVB light. You need to wear sunglasses to prevent damage from the ultraviolet rays in order to protect your eyes. If you wear contact lenses you are getting some UV protection but since they don’t cover your entire eye you still need a pair of sunglasses for that complete protection. You can also buy what they call a wraparound sunglasses and these protect any UV rays from entering around the frame.Polarized lenses and anti-reflective coatings also cut down the glare of the reflected light. These are typically great for anyone who spends a lot of time either on the water or a great amount of time on the road since it reduces the glare. Mirror coatings also are highly reflective coatings applied to the the front surface of the lenses to reduce the amount of light entering the eye. And lenses also come in various colors but this is strictly a personal choice. It doesn’t affect how well the sunglasses lenses will protect your eyes from the UV rays. Remember the most important thing in choosing your sunglasses is that they protect you 100% from both the UVA and the UVB rays.

Just as we all have a different shape and size to our faces so do sunglasses. You need to buy a pair that compliments you and your unique features. Our faces are typically defined as square, oblong, triangular, rounded or oval. And there are sunglasses that will work best with each one. Below are just a few examples of this.

Square face…. round styles work well….they will add length to your face too.

Oblong face……over sized sunglasses work well….kind of like that movie star look!

Triangular face….use a wider lower edge and no straight lines across the top.

Rounded face…..should choose sunglasses with few curves…rectangular sunglasses will work well.

Oval face….should chose sunglasses that cover the face from the eyebrows the the cheekbones…oval face is the easiest to fit because the face is symmetrical.

But no matter what shape your face this is only a guide……there is the perfect pair of sunglasses just waiting for you…. and they will be just what you are looking for…..perfect to wear with your new bathing suit and baseball cap….heads will be turning …….”who’s that under those shades?”

Time to choose your frames….Again many to choose from. Typically they fall into a few main categories.

Sports Sunglasses…..If you are playing sports you need to choose a sport pair of sunglasses with nylon frames which would be the safest.Both the frames and lenses are made of special materials that won’t shatter if you are struck. So you get the double advantage of the sunglasses and also a protective eye wear. For the sports you!

Fashion Sunglasses….these are the most popular and you can choose from many different styles .Many of us are even making a fashion statement with our sunglasses these days and are buying the trendier designer sunglasses. But this depends on your budget . You can also find non-brands that make quite a statement too. You will be cool and sexy in either!

Rimless Sunglasses……Then there are the rimless sunglasses which are lighter and have a very modern appearance! Very trendy and chic!

Aviator Sunglasses……And we still have the classic aviator sunglasses. These were created for the military prior to WWII but are worn now a days by both men and women. Guys look cool in these sunglasses…..and the ladies look hot!!!

You can buy your sunglasses either at an optical store or online. Either is okay.If you buy your sunglasses at an optical store the optician can help you in your decision of choosing the perfect sunglasses. You may also learn something else from him like i did recently. I always thought that i only needed sunglasses in the summertime or when i went on a vacation to a sunny hot location. Was I wrong! You need sunglasses all year round. You are exposed to UV rays even when the sun isn’t shining. A cloudy overcast day in the fall or a snowy winter day in December… need sunglasses on both of these days. The glare from wet roads and the snow cause just as much damage to your eyes as the hot sun at the beach. So now I wear sunglasses all year round whenever i go outside at all. So where ever you live and no matter what the climate remember to wear your sunglasses and protect your eyes from the damage from the sun.Sun damage has been known to cause cataracts and macular degeneration as well as damage to the retina. And If you buy online just make sure you buy from a reputable site that you trust. Possibly one you have used before for purchases.

Wow so much to think about and so much to learn. Its also helpful to bring along a friend to help you choose the perfect style for you..or have her by your side when you’re looking at all the different choices online…..but make sure she’s the friend who will be totally honest in telling you what looks good on you…and what doesn’t. (But leave her home when you buy your bathing suit …you don’t need anyone to be that honest.