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Julbo Sunglasses for Kids

Julbo Sunglasses for Kids-What is more important than your child's vision?

Julbo Sunglasses for Kids

You have your sunglasses already but what about the kids? Kids need sunglasses too with UV protection. Parents take such precautions with skin protection for their children but often don’t think about protecting their children’s eyes.Kids are actually more at risk for eye damage because their lenses do not block as much of the UV rays as an adults does. Most UV eye damage is cumulative over the years so most of the damage is being done to your kids eyes before the age of 18. So make sure your kids summer list includes a pair of sunglasses that provide 100% UV protection. Its an investment that you will be glad you made for them.And your kids will someday thank you too!

Julbo Sunglasses make sunglasses specifically for your baby, toddler, young child, and teens. Each age group needs different features and Julbo offers the best there is for every stage of your child.

For your very young baby, Julbo’s sunglasses gives your little one optimal coverage around the eyes with their wraparound style. The flexible frames and strong lenses can take a lot of activity that comes with the baby years. These baby sunglasses have a reversible and flexible frame so theres no wrong way to put them on. You’ll get them on right the first time!! They are made with dark lenses and are rated a category 4 so there’s only 5% light transmission. The lenses are optical class 1 and offer 100% UV protection against UVA, UVB, and UVC rays.The flexible frames are also shock absorbant and come in colorful and bright colors for your baby.

For your young children between the ages of 3 and 10, Julbo sunglasses are designed just for them in mind. This age group needs great eye protection from the sun as well since they are most likely in the sun the most. They play hard and long and need the very best sun protection for their eyes. Some kids want to have sunglasses like mommy or daddy. And other kids just want to look cool! But whatever the reason, Jublo has designed sunglasses just for them! Julbo sunglasses for kids offer 100% UV protection, are totally shock resistant and are made to stay on your child’s face comfortably. They have a wrap around design which provides optimum eye coverage for your childs eyes. They are pretty rugged too, so if your kids are like mine its a must have quality you should look for. And Julbo sunglasses have been tested to take a lot of abuse from small kids. Julbo Sunglasses offer 100% protection from the UVA,UVB, and UBC rays ,are shock resistant, and all lenses are optical class 1.

And Julbo also offers sunglasses for your older child as well. Designed for your teenager with 100% UV protection as well but crafted to fit them properly. And with a more grown up style and look to them as well.

You can’t go wrong with Julbo sunglasses for your children. They are a top of the line sunglasses for your little ones…and your big ones too! They are nicely priced and a good investment for protecting your child’s eyes. They offer so many different styles too….there’s pretty and cute for your little girl or there’s cool and sporty for your little boy. But whatever you choose you’ll be getting a quality pair of sunglasses for your child!

julbo sunglasses for kids