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Maxx sunglasses are all about Great HD Lenses!

Maxx Sunglasses

Maxx Sunglasses produces and sells one single item, and that is sunglasses. Their flagship product is the Maxx HD Sunglasses,which were originally sold to Golfers. They were marketed to the local courses and sold by their shops to local players.

My partner Charlie and I were playing a round of golf a few years ago, his game had improved. I was taking a beating. I asked him what changed and he reached to his face and took off his sunglasses. They were new to me and I asked him who made them, He said they were a new model out, and they were made by Maxx Sunglasses. Charlie handed them to me, and I put them on. The clarity of these Maxx Sunglasses was amazing. Colors were more vibrant and brighter and no glare. Probably the best fidelity of any sunglasses I have ever worn. We finished and I bought a pair at the Pro-Shop. Maxx Sunglasses are the best, are really inexpensive, look great, and are as clear as, well, as Maxx Sunglasses! Try a pair!

Maxx Sunglasses is a family owned company, which was started by Rick and Nancy Milner. Rick and Nancy started the Maxx sunglasses company in 2004. Maxx was a grass roots operation, which grew, not by spending huge amounts on advertising, but by selling their Maxx sunglasses in big, yellow tents across the state of Colorado. In fact, Maxx Sunglasses are based in Colorado Springs, a trendy area and a great place to sell trendy sunglasses. Their first success was based on the success of their Maxx HD Golf Sunglasses. These sunglasses are for golfers, and their incredible clarity helped golfers see better while playing, resulting in lower scores and a high local demand for these glasses.

Nancy would work at home packaging and shipping their sunglasses. Rick traveled, visiting golf courses and marketing his products to their Pro Shops and instructors. The demand for Maxx sunglasses grew rapidly and their sales went from a few individual sales in 2004 to more than ten thousand recurring business accounts, and, this expansion took less than five years!

Maxx Sunglasses now markets their products online, they sponsor community events in the Colorado area, and even have a commercial that was featured on ESPN and are making sunglasses for the Big League Sports Market. They are producing tribute sunglasses for fans of every major league baseball team and also colleges, they will even do a run featuring your logo! The company's success is largely due to pleasing their customers, keeping a close, personal watch on their business operations and supplying a great pair of sunglasses. Their success really is a Cinderella story!

The Maxx Sunglasses HD lenses are all about lenses that protect your eyes and do it without sacrificing the clarity of your vision. See clearly through your sunglasses no matter what the activity. Fishing, Golf, Skiing or even motorcycle riding, Maxx Sunglasses let you see everything clearly! Great sunglasses lenses must reduce blue light scattering and be polarized to reduce scattering of the other colors. That's what is required to reduce glare and yet provide great contrast.

Sunglasses must reduce the scattered blue light that enters the lens. The more blue light, the flatter the view. Max Sunglasses really does a good job of reducing the scattered blue light so everything looks sharper, contrast is increased, haze and glare is reduced and colors jump out at you! Everything is so crisp and distortion is minimized. How does this work. Light is actually made up of many different colors. The color white is really all colors combined. The color blue has the smallest wavelength. This means more cycles per second, in music this would be analogous to a higher pitch or frequency. The smaller wavelength light waves scatter easier which is where the distortion comes from. The scattered blue light is also damaging to your eyes. By doing a great job of filtering these scattered blue light waves, Maxx Sunglasses Lenses alter the blues and greens but leave the other colors untouched. This provides the best compromise between protection, glare and haze reduction, contrast and color fidelity and Maxx Sunglasses optimize all these to provide the best viewing possible!

Maxx sunglasses lenses are are available in polarized and non-polarized models. Polarization eliminates light scattering, thereby reducing glare. Scattered light comes at you in random ways which causes glare from and uncomfortable reflection from nearby objects. Polarized lenses only lets the light from one direction through so glare is eliminated.

Maxx sunglasses are also great at reducing the Sun's Ultra Violet rays. Both blue and Ultraviolet rays damage your eyes. Without eye protection in harsh conditions, you can burn your eyes, get unattractive crow's feet or even get cancer. Sunglasses with great lenses prevent this from happening and Maxx has great lenses.

So see better while wearing sunglasses and protect your eyes at the same time. Maxx Sunglasses do a great job at both!

Maxx Sunglasses