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Sunbelt Sunglasses

Sunbelt Sunglasses They are Very Popular Today and We Know Why! Hint Could A Big Part Be the Value they Deliver?

Sunbelt Sunglasses

Sunbelt Sunglasses


Sunbelt sunglasses have been on the market for over 25 years, and still stand by their original promise that customer satisfaction is number one. They stand for quality, integrity and affordability, and deliver all with a lifetime warranty on all their products.

If you are looking for a premium pair of sunglasses without paying a premium price, Sunbelt Optic sunglasses are for you. Quality is number one and it shows in their lenses. Their S4 Premium Polycarbonate Lenses are highly impact resistant, have a scratch resistant coating, an Optically correct contour, provide 100% UVA/B/C protection, are 8 base De-centered optics and are 6 base optically correct. S4 Polarized Performance Lenses, are shatter resistant provide 100% UVA/B/C protection and glare free vision, and have scratch resistant coatings.

Sunbelt sunglasses come in a wide range of categories including:

Walleye – This is their sporty line and it’s built for speed. The wraparound designs give a feeling of movement and there are many frame and lens styles and choices for you to choose from.

Typhoon – Their Typhoon line is just that, it takes the designer sunglasses for men models like a raging storm.

Road Trip – Take your sunglasses to the next level with the Road Trip series. The sleek, edgy styling will have people doing a double take and thinking you paid way more for these glasses than you did. With all frames under $30 this line is a steal, as they can easily compete with the pricier brands.

Polarized S4 – Polarized lenses keep the glare out of the equation so you can focus on having fun and staying safe. Whether on the water, the road, the slopes, the beach, or anywhere else where the light is bouncing off a reflective surface, the Sunbelt sunglasses S4 Polarized line will keep your eyes focused and relaxed. This lineup includes some metal frames as well, and they have stuck to their under $30 price point. There is an amazing array of style choices for both men and women.

Sunbelt sunglasses for men are an affordable stylish choice for the entire family, and for every lifestyle as well. Protect your eyes and your wallet and look good while you do both.