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Sundog Sunglasses - So Affordable and You Can't Afford To Be Without Them!

Sundog Sunglasses

Sundog Sunglasses


Sundog eyewear is the ultimate in eyewear protection, performance and style. Sundog has been in the eyewear business for almost 30 years and has always integrated the best materials and quality components while providing the customer with good value for their money.

Sundog sunglasses are made to be worn during a wide variety of activities. Athletes competing in various sports such as rowing, golf and triathalon, highly endorse Sundog sunglasses and proudly wear the label when competing. These include: Colin Angus, Julie Angus, Paula Creamer, Ellie Greenwood, Pablo Larrazabal, Hunter Mahan, Melanie McQuaid, Mark Melnyk, Louis Oosthuizen, David Sandilands, Mike Weir and Sam Whittingham.

Lets take a look at the technology that goes in to Sundog sunglasses, beginning with the frame technology:

Rilsan Clear – These polyamide frames feature enhanced structural integrity, durability and longevity. They are lightweight, UV resistant, non-irritating and have a wide range of temperature stability from -40°C to +80 °C.

SD-TR90 – Grilamid SDTR90 is a “memory nylon resin polymer” and has been used for years by Sundog sunglasses. It is designed to be flexible, durable and lightweight and offers extreme stress crack resistance. These frames are built to bend without breaking.

Monel Plus NFC - These metal frames by Sundog contain an alloy stronger than steel, yet malleable. Their nickel free coating is hypoallergenic, and the frames come with adjustable nose pads for comfort.

Sundog sunglasses lens technology is in a class all it’s own. Vision protection is their number one priority and all Sundog lenses can be counted on to block 100% of UVA/B/C rays. UV rays carry much higher levels of energy than visible light rays putting our eyes and the surrounding skin at a greater risk of damage. Sundog sunglasses exclusive Mela lens collection is the industry standard in eye protection, with Mela standing for melanin, which is a naturally produced pigment that acts as a sunscreen for the eye. There are several different types of Mela lenses:

Mela-Lens Original – The Mela-Lens is trademarked by Sundog and contains patented technology. The unique feature of these lenses is that they contain synthetic melanin which is the human body’s own natural defense against blue light.

Mela-Lens Photochromic – Photochromic means that the lenses change tint with the light conditions. The greater the bright light or UV intensity the darker the tint, and with less UV intensity the tint is lighter.

Mela-Lens Polarized – Polarized lenses are the key to reducing glare. Glare happens when light bounces off of a reflective surface such as water, sand, asphalt, snow, etc. With Sundog sunglasses polarized mela-lens technology, your vision will be greatly enhanced while eliminating glare.

Mela-Lens Polarized Photochromic Plus – This is the ultimate lens, combing polarization, photochromic technology and the optional clari-coat. This is Sundog’s superior lens coating which is water repellant, and oil repellant. These are also abrasion and shatter resistant, making them the crème de la crème of water sport lenses.

Sundog sunglasses provide the ultimate in style, and innovation. These glasses are not only affordable, but you can’t afford to be without them.